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Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County will not deny requested health care services and shall not discriminate in the provision of services to an individual because the individual is unable to pay for the services.


Affordable and accessible treatment services to the residents of Pickens County.


Learn about the Intervention programs we offer, including ADSAP, AEP, and AIP classes.


Learn about the Prevention Classes offered here at Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County.

A Statement From The Director

We appreciate you placing your trust in Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County. People from all walks of life find themselves in difficult situations at some point. At BHSPC we understand asking for help or assistance with a problem is not often easy and may create anxiety and confusion.  It is our goal to clear this confusion and help address negative behavior that keeps you from a healthy life.

We have been assisting individuals and families with substance use issues and behavioral problems for over four decades. Our staff is dedicated, well trained and cares for the people we serve.

At BHSPC we do not assume what your problem might be before we talk with you. Before anyone enters services they receive an individualized assessment.  You and your counselor will review this assessment and decide on an individualized plan designed to help you live the productive, healthy lifestyle you desire.

Here at BHSPC we believe recovery is possible. If you have any questions ask any of our staff.  We are here to help.


Bob Hiott, M. Ed., MAC, LPC

Executive Director

Our Programs

BHS is committed to meeting the needs of clients and believes that all persons have worth and dignity regardless of their legal, emotional, or socio-economic status. For individuals to reach their full potential, there must be a harmonious blend of all the components of wellness: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Prevention Educational Classes

BHS seeks to reach three goals through its prevention services: to increase the number of people who abstain from the use of alcohol and other drugs, to delay, and to decrease the number of people who are high risk users of other drugs.

Offender Based Intervention

OBI provides education, counseling and treatment for individuals who are involved in, and referred from the legal system. We provide both AEP and AIP for minors to help educate them on the consequences of using alcohol.

Drug Screening

BHSPC’s many services include certified drug screening. Urinalysis or hair follicle drug testing is available to the public and therefore can be used by individuals as well as employers seeking employment drug screening services.


ADSAP is a requirement for individuals convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) who are seeking to reinstate their driver’s license. Let us help you with your ADSAP requirements and give us a call today!


The counseling staff of BHS is composed of licensed and certified professionals who provide a variety of services aimed at assessment, education, counseling, and rehabilitation.

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